Ivy Bordeaux is located in Mesquite, TX, just southeast of Dallas.  Our 7 Dogues are from excellent, proven bloodlines, and are all AKC.  They have superb temperaments, size, heads, health, and are deep red. Ivy Bordeauxs are raised as part of the family.  We've been in the Bordeaux business for 15 yearsand have an A+ rating with the BBB.
If you are new to the Dogue de Bordeaux (or French Mastiff), it is an incredible breed.  They are hands down the best family/guard dog I've ever seen. Their incredibly strong love for their family is amazing. They absolutely love and instinctually protect children. 
As with most Mastiffs, they are very laid back, sleeping or lying around with a watchful eye the majority of the day. They are very quick to alert you of strangers.  Their ground-rumbling bark will keep away strange guests, but with your permission they will gladly grant them access, and then probably share some slobber.
In most areas it is absolutely essential they have access to the indoors, especially in Texas.  Due to their size they do not tolerate high temperatures (they love the colder weather!).  A doggy door to your home or a temperature-controlled dog quarters is necessary.
Please beware, if you choose this breed, you will probably never want to go without one ever again! Please click links below for pics and info on each of our dogues and for upcoming litters.

This series of pictures showcases our dogues' temperaments. The "monster" Laszlo and an intimidated little girl meeting for the first time. Instant love.
Ivy Bordeaux was featured in this Sep 2008 issue of Dog Fancy magazine.

Me and my first beloved dog