Bertha enjoying her new yard, 2.5 months old.
Bertha's Sire, Incognito
Bertha's Dam, Jewel

Bradie and Bertha, best friends. August 2016

Bradie very proudly turns Bertha into a bunny rabbit with a single wave from her magic wand.
Halloween 2016, Lion Tamer with her Lion.
10 months old
Bertha is the daughter of the two dogues pictured on the right out of Blue Diamond in Colorado. She is definitely one of Bradie's best friends (the girl in the pics), a very sweet-tempered, awesome family dogue. BUT, as you can see from her pics below she is also kinda unsure about costumes and baths :)
bertha 1 year
Bertha at 1 year old

Bertha at 18 months old

Bertha 11/2017
Bertha at 2 years 9 months