Phoebe wasn't gonna have it when I was trying to get her down in our tornado shelter!

Phoebe is our start in the third generation of Ivy Bordeaux Dogues. She was carefully selected from Blue Diamond Show Dogs, fathered by the massive champion Qvaid. She was the pick of the litter and evaluated by an AKC judge as a puppy. She was the only pup with nothing but positve marks. She is an incredible representative of the breed. Her main characteristics are her loving temperament, intelligence, and high energy level relative to the Bordeaux.

Phoebe didn't meet one stranger when people were coming to see her first litter of puppies, she was proud to show off her pups to all our welcomed visitors. She also loves to watch TV! Amazingly, you can see her looking back and forth, studying the different talking characters of the show as if she is human. You can see wheels turning in her attentive eyes below.

Qvaid from Blue Diamond Show Dogs is Phoebe's father
Phoebe's first night as a Texan
Phoebe leaving me a little something extra in my truck at 4 months old! She had a little motion sickness.
July 2015