Owner: Matt Ivy
Owner of (Laszlo or Dyson’s info here) guarantee, to the best of their knowledge, Laszlo or Dyson is free of any genetic defect or disease including Brucellosis, Lyme, Bordatella, Parvo, or any other disease which may result in physical injury to the below named bitch and/or her offspring.
NOTE: Any owner listed above who signs this contract is presumed to have authority to sign for all owners of Sovereign’s Bane of Park Ave.

            (Laszlo or Dyson), a male Dogue De Bordeaux,  AKC Registration Number WS-------------- is hereby contracted for stud to _____________________________________, a female Dogue De Bordeaux, owned by ________________________ under the following terms:
The fee for stud service is payable as follows:
Payment in the full amount of  $_____ is due at the time of stud service.  If, after a pregnancy exam is administered by a licensed veterinarian, no litter is found to be present then the owner of the bitch is entitled to a full refund of any stud fees tendered or a repeat breeding with no cost to the owner of the dam. Any claim for a refund must be submitted via written notice to the address of the stud owner(s) listed below within 65 days of the signing of this contract.  Owner(s) of said stud dog may, at their discretion, waive the written notice requirement in lieu of oral notification if such notification is made prior to the date written notice is due.
Owners of the stud will attempt to ensure fertilization and will inform the owner(s) of the bitch of all matters relative to the attempted breeding including the number of natural ties, recommendation for artificial insemination, and/or any failure to achieve natural or artificial insemination.  .
In addition to the above terms, the owner of the bitch agrees that any puppies from the above breeding will be registered with a AKC recognized registry.
Owner(s) of the above named bitch also guarantees that they have taken reasonable steps to insure their bitch is free from genetic defect or disease to include Brucellosis, Lyme, Bordatella, Parvo, or any other disease which may result in physical injury to Sovereign’s Bane of Park Ave. 
I have read the above terms and conditions of the stud service contract and agree to be bound therewith:

___________________________________     ______________________
Matt Ivy                                                                       Date 
OWNER OF (Laszlo or Dyson’s info here)
Address: ___________________________________________________
Phone: _________________              Email: ___________________________


_____________________________________     ______________________
OWNER(S) OF BITCH                                                           Date
Address: ___________________________________________________
Phone: _________________              Email: ___________________________