Phoebe showing, 1/20/2016.
Phoebe getting close, 2/1/2016

Puppy weights, 6 weeks & 5 days old (pounds).

Day 6
Left to right...Phat, Banshee, Storm, Colossus, Beast, and Rogue. Day 8.
The Gardners taking home "Beast", now known as "Zeus". 3/26/16
"Beast" & "Phat" at 6 weeks old
"Banshee" is HUGE, he could easily grow to be one of the hugest males stateside. Here he is at 5 weeks and 5 days next to 2 siblings. He's now 17.2 pounds at 6 weeks & 4 days.
The Pools taking home "Phat", now known as "Mack". 3/26/16.(w/ Phoebe there saying bye to him)
The Lanes taking home Achilles, formerly known as "Juggernaut"
The Smiths taking home "Banshee", now the 2nd pup in the litter to be named Zeus.
The Smith's Zeus asleep on their couch with their adult female. This one will be a HUGE adult! He's only 7 weeks and 3 days here.
The Williams taking home "Storm"
Mrs. Carroll taking home "Rogue"
The Hitts taking home "Colossus"
Phoebe loving on her last pup to leave her this litter right before he left. She is such an amazingly sweet girl.
Puig's taking home "Ariel", now "Beastie"
Zeus at just over a year old on the right. Massive fella whose chest, body, and head have a lot of growth still coming. A BEAST!