Drako is the son of Ivy Bordeaux's Hungarian import AKC Champion Laszlo born to Phoebe in 2017. The family that took him in could no longer keep him due to unexpected hardships due to the virus, so he came back home with us in 2020. His outstanding characteristics are his size and confirmation, incredible strength and athleticism, blocky head, and the 2nd-to-none loving temperament known of our dogues. If their was am NFL for dogues, he'd be an all-pro, hall-of-fame middle linebacker!
Drako posing, enjoying the crazy 2021 Texas blizzard
Drako on 5/1/2021, having just turned 4, after a few months of adjusting to coming back home to Ivy Bordeaux. He's probably the strongest Bordeaux I've ever seen.. He's lean, but muscular, athletic, energetic, and fast. 141 pounds. He has a super sweet temperament too, but not so much so that he doesn't make an incredibly great watch dogue like some. This is his yard, I just pay the mortgage.
Drako, soon after he came back to where he was born. A little thin and unsure, but awesome.