Almost 2 years later, the 150 pound Dyson still loves playing with his mommy as if he was a puppy.
Dyson is the grandson of our incredible Champion Bane; 3rd generation of our breeding program. He is 160 pounds and STILL filling out. He has an extremely loving temperament, the most loving and social I have ever seen in a Bordeaux. If there is a living creature around that's allowed access to the yard, he is licking it. His mother is our Phoebe. He is also a beautiful mahogany with a striking white chest. Dysom is available for stud.
At 14 months old
At 5 months old harassing his mother.
At 9 months old with Crystal
At 5 months with Cody
Playing "basketball" with Nick at 11 months
Here is a few of his ribbons
Dyson making big Laz look small now, Jan 2016. He's almost 2 here.
Triple Showdown
Dyson, April 2017, a very intimidating looking hunk of love.