Laz loves to get sprayed down with and drink straight from the waterhose.
Buzas-Volgy Szepe Dudaku, aka "Laszlo", is our import stud from Hungary and is an AKC Champion. He has a massive head and body. He is a rare beautiful mahogany with no white patches. He is truly a gentle giant, with a very "laid-back" temperament. His OFA hip test found zero evidence of hip dysplasia. An AKC judge in Fort Worth said she's never seen a better looking Bordeaux.
Some of Laz's AKC winnings so far
Laz is approx 140 pounds at 2 yrs old. This half of a 55 gallon barrel gives you a great idea of his actual size.
Laz has his own passport!
To see details of this pedigree save image to you rcomputer then reopen it. Had to shrink for webpage
Laz's pedigree
This is what bad guys see when they see Lazslo running towards them.
Laz's AKC cert
Laz, Phoebe, and Dyson playing "basketball" with Nick
Laz loves the little kiddos
Laz giving the "You sure you wanna come in my yard?" pose.
Laz is available for stud service. Artificial insemination available on site for those hard to breed females. (AI is rarely successful with this breed. I have the technique, training, & tools that work!)
Lazslo meeting his first born for the first time, his eyes saying "What the hell are these things, can you please get them away?" LOL
Laszlo and Boo, summer 2015. He's getting very massive at 2.5 years old.
Laz's new high angle tactic for eating rawhides.
Your other half won't get out of bed? Put a massive dogue in her bed. Problem solved.
Laszlo enjoying some fall weather October 2018