Veterinary Report by 

Test Date: November 21st, 2019
Dog Name: Olga
Sex: Female (intact)
Date of birth: 04/30/19
Breed: Dogue de Bordeaux
Breed registration: AKC WS65729801

Alanine Aminotransferase Activity result: Normal

Brusnika Noir'Mery has two normal alleles at ALT.

Olga tested CLEAR for all these conditions:

Hematologic (Blood)

Endocrine (Hormones)

Immunologic (Immune)

Ophthalmologic (Eyes)

Urinary (Kidney and Bladder)


Other Systems

Neurologic (Brain and Spinal Cord)

Cardiac (Heart)





Integument (Skin & Connective Tissues)


"Olga" is our beautiful import from Russia. She lives with my friends/partners Jake and Brittany with Bertha in Wills Point, Texas. Link to her pedigree: http://ingrus.net/bordos/testmating.php?female=7483&male=6404


Olga's (3 months old) 1st day as a Texan with Bertha, paws already about the same size.
Olga's massive sire
Olga's dam
Pics of Olga in Russia
These 3 pics are of Olga at 13 months old, during her lanky "teenage" years.
Olga October 2020, nearly 18 months old. Still growing longer and taller. I expect her to fill out soon now.
Olga April, 2021. Starting to fill out. She is by far the tallest dogue we have. She is amazingly sweet and gentle. Heaven forbid if she ever needs any corrections, her ability to get incredibly butthurt cannot be topped!! Absolute loving sweetheart of a dogue. Her nickname is "Big Wiggly". She wags her whole body, not just her tail.