Here is Ruby's newborn baby pics, 4/1/2018. She was born here at Ivy Bordeaux to Dyson and Rogue. She's the big one in the pink collar.
One of Ruby's baby pics when she still had blue eyes.
Ruby at 5 months, 71 lbs and her buddy Pepper.

Ruby is the start of the 4th generation of Dogue's at Ivy Bordeaux. A female pup I kept, her lines go back to my first two beautiful Bordeaux's, Champion Bane (son of the infamous Park Ave Razz) and Bailey. She is a big, deep-mahogany block of love. Ruby also lives with the Wiggins and Ivy near Lindale, TX. Her sire was my gentlest of all giants, Dyson.


Ruby at 6 months old greatly enjoying camping with her fam
Ruby at 7 months old giving a little more love than my sister was expecting.
Ruby at 7 months
Ruby on her first birthday.
Ruby summer 2019
Ruby at 1 year
Ruby 9/22/2020