"Yak" is our newest import from the Gazeno Kennel in Poland. He comes from a superb, long bloodline of show-winning dogues. His father, "Jurand", is the first Polish Grand Champion. His mother, "Misty Knight", has won several BOB. "Yak" came off the 12 hour plane ride tail a-wagging, bright eyed, and ready to go! He is very outgoing and loving.. He's got a perfect coat, excellent head and confirmation, and incredible hips.
15 weeks old
"Yak's" parents

First time in his new yard

"Jurand", Yak's dad and his bowling ball head!
Picking him up at the airport
Yak at 11 months old
Yak at 1 year old
1 year old
Yak, 1 year old