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Check below for future puppy availability, this is updated regularly. We like to take only 6 puppy deposits/reservations (3 per each sex) before litter whelped. I also periodically breed my males with outside females and will post these puppies on the Ivy Bordeaux Facebook page.

To inquire about adopting a pup, call or text me at 469-556-8916, OR email me at ivybordeaux@yahoo.com.
ALL OF OUR PUPS COME WITH A RARE 3-YEAR HEALTH GUARANTEE (a real buyer's guarantee, where most others are hugely seller oriented), AKC REGISTRATIONS, MICROCHIPPED (with pre-paid lifetime enrollment in the AKC recovery service), WORMED, VACCINATED (per age), AND A LIFETIME OF SUPPORT FROM US. Must be able to provide an excellent and loving home and be familiar with the breed's needs. Due to these dogs’ size it is necessary they are indoors during summer months. All of our pups are hand nurtured everyday. They develop a strong attachment and love for humans starting day one. It's a hard task to find a more loyal, loving animal once they arrive in your home. Many families have told me the pup they got from me is the best dog they have ever had.

A few people have asked me to explain the chart below. The breeding date is of course when the parents breed. The female is pregnant for usually 63 days before they deliver. The pregnancy is best confirmed by an enlarged abdomen, which very typically appears 40 days after the beed date = showing date. The pups are ready for their new homes 8 weeks after birth.


*We reserve the right to keep a pup from any litter. . Stud dogue(s) can possibly change.
Deposits refundable for ANY REASON up to the pups being 1 month old!
Check out Ivy Bordeaux on FACEBOOK to see images/info of current and previous puppies and years of stuff from us.
EXAMPLE CONTRACTS OF THE ONES WE USE, when you're ready to put down a deposit I can send you one w the correct info.These are likely the best buyer's contracts you'll find.
This huge pup (Banshee) was born to AKC Champion Laszlo & Phoebe 2/8/2016. He reached 160+ pounds as an adult. He is my standard for considering pups monster-sized. Size is definately not all that matters in a bordeaux, but it is no doubt a factor. Some folks say the smaller ones have less frequent health problems.
I use NuVet Plus vitamins to supplement my dogue's and pups' diets. If interested you can order under my code shown on the left.Or just click HERE.